One Voice: A Choral Concert

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” — Malala Yousafzai

Join the choirs from Little Flower Academy as they raise their voices together in an inspiring choral concert filled with messages of joy, spirit, and community. Accompanied by award-winning pianist, Miri Lee, and percussionist, Bruce Henczel, the choral concert will include performances by all of the choirs from Little Flower Academy, under the direction of Ms. Marizza Mislang, guest conductor, Dr. Adam Con, and performer and inspirational speaker, Jacky Yenga.
Dr. Adam Con (University of Victoria)
Dr. Adam Jonathan Con is a conductor, a visionary, a respected teacher of choral conducting and Tai Chi Chuan, and a leader in the advocacy of music education. A native of Vancouver and a third generation Chinese Canadian, his holistic approach to choral music through a unique blend of kinesthetic whole body movement and Eastern philosophy continues to inspire singers of all ages in mind, body and spirit. His motto is “Music is more than notes in motion; music is notes in Emotion.”

Jacky Yenga
Jacky Yenga–aka Jacky Essombe– is the founder of the Spirit of the Village. She is a performer, TEDx speaker and best-selling author, and teaches how to use the power of community to grow and to create a life of happiness, belonging, fulfilment and inner harmony, and how to access joy through movement and connection. She brings the healing message of her African ancestors through wisdom teachings, songs, stories, rhythm and dances from her village in Cameroon and beyond.

Each choir student will receive 2 tickets to this concert. Additional tickets can be purchased online at  
As this event is expected to sell out, tickets will not be sold at the door.

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