Ten Great Model UN Awards at CAHSMUN Horizons Conference

Julie Mills
Thirty-one hardworking and eloquent LFA students attended the recent inaugural Model UN Horizons Conference in Vancouver. It was a very exciting weekend of debate and learning where ten students earned awards for their contributions. 
It is interesting to note that on one riveting committee called the Shanghai Co- Operation Organization (SCO) investigating the Drug Trade in the “Golden Triangle”, five LFA students swept up all of the awards. The following are the awards they won on that committee -

Anjali Siega who won the Best Delegate Award of the committee (single award)
Elizabeth Tam who won the Best Double Delegation Award (she was paired with a student from another school)
Deborah Wong who won the Outstanding Delegation Award
Sophie Nguyen who won Honorable Mention
Trisha Mae Capistrano who won the Best Position Paper Award

It was wonderful to witness these students take charge and present resolution papers with others. They were diplomatic, confident and eloquent throughout all committee sessions.
In addition to this committee, the following five girls won awards –

Ava MacFarlane who won the Outstanding Delegate Award on the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)
Kelly Ma who won the Outstanding Delegate Award on the World Health Organization (WHO)
Ellie Hwang who won the Best Position Paper on the European Union (EU)
Nicole Stein who won Honorable Mention on NATO
Anya Trivedi who won Honorable Mention on the WHO.

These achievements were truly notable and they not only reveal the considerable talent of all students but their motivation, dedication and commitment to Model UN and the LFA Model UN Club. Way to go Model UN Angels!

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