COVID-19 Update: On Campus Classes Suspended

Following today’s announcement by the BC Ministry of Education, Little Flower Academy is suspending all on-campus classes and activities until further notice. All extra-curricular activities, including athletics, have been cancelled until further notice.
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Although the information we have received at this point is limited, the Ministry of Education is assuring parents that their students progress this year will not be hampered by the closures. At the school level, we have already started to make plans to ensure meaningful delivery of the curriculum. We are currently working to expand some features on our website to provide students and teachers more options for communication and learning. Our school website will remain the primary means of communicating with students during this time.

Student Lockers
Although students were encouraged to bring necessary items home prior to the break, we are anticipating that some students may need access to their lockers. As our maintenance team is hard at work this week, cleaning hallways and common areas, students will not have access to their lockers before March 23rd. Students are asked to phone the school office between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday to make arrangments to access their locker during the weeks of March 23 or March 30. The school will limit the number of students that are present in the school at any one time, and students will be expected to practice social distancing while at school. Students will be asked to sign in and out of the school at the main office, and will need to use the main doors to gain entrance to the building. The Nanton Street keypads will not be activated.

To ensure the safety of our school community, we are asking families to ensure that students travelling to the school to retrieve items from their locker follow the Ministry's self-isolation protocol. Students who have travelled outside of Canada or who have been exposed to COVID-19 are asked to phone the office after their isolation period has ended to make arrangements to access lockers.

Updates will be sent to families as more information becomes available.

Wishing you all a healthy remainder of Spring Break.


Diane Little

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