Fantastic Wins at Horizons MUN Conference

Julie Mills
The Horizons MUN Conference on the last weekend of November was the third MUN virtual conference this fall at LFA and 8 students won awards on their respective committees. This was a very busy time at LFA with midterm prep, so it was wonderful that these students were able to fit in another MUN conference this semester.
Congratulations to the following girls who excelled at Horizons-

The Best Delegate Award-

Kimberley Kavlekar '21-UNICEF
Alli Yi '22-ASEAN
Stephanie Chau '21-UN WOMEN

Outstanding Delegate Award-

Maria Zen Baxter '22- ROMAN EMPIRE
Anya Trivedi '21-WHO

Honorable Mention Award- 

Audrey Foy '22 -ASEAN
Isabel Rapier '23 -NATO
Alison Chan '21 -UN WOMEN

These students were well prepared, very articulate and an intrinsic part of the debate from the first committee session. I would like to especially commend Isabel Rapier ('23) who decided to represent the USA on the advanced NATO Committee for her impressive and well earnt award. This is Isabel's first year at MUN, so this commendation was a tremendous feat for Isabel! Once again, all students attending this conference represented LFA very well. 

Way to go, MUN Angels!

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