Mission to End Hunger

LFA students (and families) respond collect more than 800 items for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank for the  “Mission to End Hunger” effort undertaken by Catholic high schools across Vancouver.
In a friendly competition where the winner is the Food Bank, LFA joined up with Notre Dame, St. Pat's, STM and VC to collect high quality food items for those in need. Led by LFA's Executive Student Council, our Grade 8s focused on foods for babies; our Grade 9s donated breakfast items; the Grade 10s were responsible for lunch foods; the Grade 11s took care of dinner items; and, the Grade 12s looked after snack foods. 

Thank you to all students who brought in items for the food bank! You all made Mission to End Hunger a great success! The goal of this event was to donate as many non-perishable food items as we could--and we did just that! As a school, we were able to collect over 800 food items for those in need. We appreciate all of your hard work and contributions to making this event a success.

We are pleased to share the lovely thank you note we received from the Foodbank:

Thank you and the students of Little Flower Academy so much for raising 724 lbs. of food donations! Food Banks Canada values food donations at $2.62/lb. So you provided $1896.88 in support of your community.
That is an incredible amount of support, and we are so incredibly appreciative of the commitment, time, and energy that has gone into making that happen.
We really believe in our mission to provide healthy food to those in need and are proud of the many ways we have worked hard to achieve it. Some of that work includes:
    • Working with local farmers to buy fresh produce
    • Creating multiple nutritional programs specifically for children
    • Increasing the amount of average food given per person
We love to see many of our members begin to thrive and gain new confidence through the programs we deliver. You are helping us to accomplish all of this and more!
Thank you all, once again, for your support of our work!

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