Three Times a Tradition

This year's Grandparent Day marked our third annual. With more than 200 grandparents and "grand-friends" in attendance this April, the intergenerational Mass and tea clearly resonates with our community. What's also a blessing is Drs. Bob and Marilyn Westbury, who again hosted the lunch--ensuring that the wonderful community building event doesn't take any resources away from the educational opportunities the girls enjoy.
The Westbury gift is like the gift for our water bottle refilling station: donor directed gift that align with our mission allow us to provide for the community in a way that would otherwise not be possible. With Grandparent Day, we dedicate our April Mass to our grandparent community, welcoming those who might otherwise have very little exposure to their granddaughters' daily experience. It is a day for our students to celebrate grandparents and share with them their school. 

The format of the day is simple but compelling. Grandparents (or, in some instances "grand-friends") are welcomed to our school liturgy. Each guest is invited to sit with their granddaughter and celebrate Mass together. There’s no more suitable school event than an LFA liturgy to enjoy the nuances that make and LFA special: the quiet reverence; the music; the articulate readers; the feeling of purpose. The pride of our student community is on full display throughout. This year we were also very grateful to our Archbishop, The Most Reverend J. Michael Miller, CSB for presiding over this most special day.  After Mass, as we did last year, our amazing Choirs—both our Senior and Junior Choirs—gave a short but beautiful performance for our guests.

We concluded with some very brief welcome speeches before gathering together in the Dining Hall for some lovely food and refreshment. In sharing a light meal together at Grandparent Day the generations of our community are blessed with the opportunity to socialize and enjoy one another’s company.
Bob and Marilyn Westbury’s gift not only fosters our community but serves as a catalyst for further support as many grandparents have chosen to support the school themselves over the past several years and their gifts directly impact the operation of the school the girls' education. 

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