Finding Big Country Coming to LFA

You may remember us celebrating one of our alumna who had huge success at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF). Director Kat Jayme '06 had her film Finding Big Country chosen as the "Super Channel People’s Choice Award"  at VIFF. All the shows were sold out, so they added an additional show. It sold out. If you missed it (or you just need to see it again), you're in luck! We're bringing in a big screen to show it at LFA and you're invited! Thursday, January 31 at 7pm in the LFA Auditorium.
Tickets for the show will be $10 and it includes your popcorn. Being an alumnae event, we will have a no-host bar. Kat will open the evening with a talk about the film and what it was like to find so much success in her work. 

If you're wonderng how big the documentary became, it made national news. Articles on the movie and Kat were all over the local papers like the Straight (cover story) and the Province. She was also profiled in national newspapers like the Globe & Mail and the National Post. Kat was also featured on the NBA Canada Video Series. But you know you have a sports story that resonates when Sports Illustrated picks it up: How Grizzlies Superfan Kat Jayme Finally Found Bryant ‘Big Country’ Reeves.

Imagine, now, that you can watch the film in the same gym where Kat played her high school basketball and fostered the passion that led to this film! It will be a unique experience. 


More on the film:
The Vancouver Grizzlies’ inglorious six-year NBA history may’ve lacked for highlights but it undeniably had a poster boy: Bryant "Big Country" Reeves, the centre whose less-than-sculpted man-mountain frame made him an easy target for criticism, if not outright derision.

Documentarian Kathleen S. Jayme sets out to track down her hard-luck hero who has become infamously reclusive since he was forced into early retirement by injuries. (It’s tragically poetic that Reeves never played another game after the Grizzlies’ relocated to Memphis in 2001.)

Initially fuelled by nostalgia and punctuated by endearing revelations, this quest ultimately allows us to reevaluate one of the city’s most maligned sports figures. Given the patronizing tack typically taken with the doomed Grizzlies and their similarly cursed first-ever draft pick, Jayme’s documentary is refreshingly generous and uncynical. As she shares details of her own complex relationship with basketball, it becomes evident just how much she has personally invested in this search. And as she builds the case for Reeves brief tenure in the big league, it grows increasingly apparent that all of Vancouver has some unfinished business with Big Country.



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  • Ali McGillivray
    It is a great film! Looking forward to seeing it again.

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