Student Absentee Form

You can submit a note for a student being absent or late for school online using the form below. Confirmation or follow up will be sought in some instances. 

To help our tracking, please submit a different form for each individual who will be late or absent (i.e., if you have more than one daughter at the school, please complete the form for each girl individually).

Parent correspondece is required for all student absences.

If you would prefer to email the office, you may do so at, including all of the information in the form below. Alternatively, you can print, complete and deliver a written Late/Absentee Note

Daughter's Information
Late or Absent Information
Guardian Information

No Note Required for School Activities

Remember that Absentee notes are not required for School sponsored field trips or LFA School Sports.

Absentee Note Options

You can also email us directly with all the information in the form, using the email

For extended absences, or by preference, you may wish to complete a written Absentee Note and hand it in to the Office. You can do so using the Late/Absentee Note Template (PDF).

School Information

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