LFA Claims Silver at Physics Olympics

Each year, UBC hosts a special STEM competition for high schools in British Columbia. Known as the Physics Olympics, the competition celebrated 41 years this past weekend. Through an incredible effort and some very engaged, committed and clever girls, LFA finished second in a field of more than 70 teams that took part.
The prestigiuos competition had 74 secondary schools from around BC competing in six events. LFA held onto first place in the "mechanical timer" event until the very end of the competition.

The teams were tasked with designing a machine to accurately actuate two electrical switches at two different times that are randomly given. There were all sorts of designs and methods that teams used to mechanically represent the elapsed time. Accuracy was the key. The Angels held onto first place using the timer in the accompanying photo until the very end of the competition, but still finished second overall. The winning design used water, where the LFA design used a rolling steel ball. 

The design and build were really aided by the wealth of tools at the disposal of our girls in LFA's STEAM Lab. Everything from laser cutters and 3D printers to chop saws and home-made fashioned tools were employed to make it possible.

The 2018-19 Physics Olympiansincluded Ao Mei Geng '19, Shannon Donovan '19, Clara Cheung '19, Caitlyn Li '19, Anna Mazurenko '19, Eleanor Morrison '19, Anya Naval '19, Christy-Anna Chung '19, Janelle Wong '19, Jenica Sy '19 and Edna To '19. Physics Olympics at LFA is brought to you through a collaboration between STEAM and Physics.

A special thanks to teacher Dan Chow and to parents Dale Brown and Kevin Johnston, who are our parent mentors and professional engineers.

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