Giving Report 2022

Giving by the Numbers

As an independent school, the holistic school experience LFA strives to deliver is supported largely by gifts we receive, both to enrich the day-to-day experience and to deliver capital improvements. There is no other funding from parishes, the Archdiocese or the Sisters of St. Ann. We are a community that is committed to empowering this generation of young women with philanthropic support of more than $750,000 across annual giving, capital gifts, and endowment support. The generosity and leadership of our community is foundational to a truly extraordinary Catholic, girls' education: arguably one of the best in the country.

Annual Giving
Gifts are the life source of what can be accomplished at LFA. They are immediately invested in the programs, resources, and opportunities that make an LFA education so exceptional. This year, gifts of more than $475,000 have made each girl’s experience enriching and memorable, while also being integral to the transition to in-person activity on campus.

Visionary Giving
As we look to the future of LFA and reflect on what it means to provide a truly exceptional education, plans to modernize our campus are in the works. In anticipation, capital giving this year totaled over $275,000. Gifts totaling approximately $190,000 have expedited the early stages of planning for visionary campus transformation. The LFA Foundation also received more than $85,000 in endowment fund commitments this year. The LFA Foundation now manages approximately $2 million – a true milestone for the Foundation and a testament to our community’s commitment to empowering current and future generations of young women.

Walkathon and Viva Las Vegas
Our annual Walkathon serves as a great opportunity for students to contribute to their own education. In the process, they gain valuable insight and understanding of the community ownership that fuels LFA. This year, our students raised over $65,000! A truly incredible accomplishment--and our most successful Walkathon ever! As our school community transitioned back to in-person operation, we saw the return of many beloved community events. We are excited to announce that the Parents' Auxiliary's main fundraising event, Viva Las Vegas, will return in October. It is one of the most enjoyable events on the school calendar and we look forward to seeing you there!

Fundraising Overview

Each year our school’s Annual Fund helps provide the daily enrichment that makes every girls’ experience memorable and formative. This past year, we were able to see vast expansion of the Indigenous section of our library, new and improved athletic equipment for our field hockey and badminton teams, choir accompaniments, support for LFA’s share of this year’s theatrical production of Footloose, and several campus-wide technological upgrades, to name a few things. Additionally, every qualified request for financial aid was fully met through our Annual Fund. Taken individually, these might not seem transformative, but considered as a whole, these gifts represent what makes the daily experience of being an LFA student so exceptional.

Visionary Giving at LFA has helped create transformational and lasting change at the school. From 2016 to 2018 we saw our community rise to the need of key technology upgrades at LFA that resulted in the establishment of our very own STEAM Lab – a hallmark of the school that has kept LFA at the forefront of progressive and integrated curriculum across BC. In more recent years, these visionary giving efforts have pivoted to our Campus Master Plan which promises to usher in a new era of learning and opportunity at LFA. 

Operating enrichment saw an uptick in 2021/2022, and overall giving increased as well. In particular, we were delighted to see strong commitment behind our plans for campus redevelopment and steady interest in our school endowment. Donor designations vary slightly year to year and reflect the vision and support of our amazing community.

There is no one profile of a donor who gives to Little Flower Academy, though all will have a connection to the work of the school and the impact gifts have on young women in our community.



The LFA Endowment Fund saw great growth this past year as it eclipsed $2M, setting a pathway for future generations of young women. With our overarching goal of accessibility in mind, this year’s LFA Foundation disbursements will contribute towards aid for families in need and various school resources and upgrades.

We would like to acknowledge and celebrate a new Family Endowments this year: The McKee Family Endowment was established by the family of an alumna and current student from LFA. Having seen two generations of their family graduate from LFA and carry on to flourish, the McKee’s understand firsthand the transformational power of an LFA education. Their commitment to support LFA in perpetuity means that future generations of Angels will continue to benefit and grow from a truly holistic and enriching educational experience.

It is recent tradition at LFA that in lieu of a physical class gift, parents and grandparents of graduating students give a class gift to the school in thanks for the education their daughters have received. It started in 2012 when the endowment fund was first established and a Class of 2012 gift was designated to support financial aid at the school. The 50th Reunion of the Class of 1962 was held at the school, just weeks after the Class of 2012 had announced their gift, and in a beautiful moment of community action, they too pledged a gift. With that, two classes, 50 years apart, launched the Class Endowments to support financial aid.

Several families from this year's Class of 2022 have added to the legacy, carrying on a special tradition that provides directly to our core value of accessibility. The collective endowment of the many class funds now disburses important financial aid to current students at LFA.

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