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Sisters of St. Ann

Our History and Tradition
Little Flower Academy is owned and operated by the Jane Rowan Society, which was established for this purpose by the Sisters of St. Ann.
The Sisters of St. Ann are the pioneer congregation of Catholic educators in British Columbia. This community, founded in 1850 by Blessed Marie Anne Blondin in Vaudreuil, Quebec, sent Sisters as missionaries to British Columbia in 1858. Over the next 160 years the Sisters of St. Ann opened and operated schools, hospitals and care facilities throughout British Columbia. All who are associated with the school are privileged to share in the mission and the rich tradition of the Sisters of St. Ann.
As visionaries, the Sisters of St. Ann and their associates have been and are committed to enabling students to reach their full potential. At LFA, education is designed especially for girls and the way they learn and curriculum is delivered within a culture that truly empowers girls to excel. The all-girl environment creates a strong sense of community.
The Patroness of our School
The name of our school is taken from the affectionate title given to St. Theresa of Lisieux (1873 - 1897), the young Carmelite Sister known as St. Theresa of The Little Flower who was canonized by the Church in 1925.
St. Theresa, the patroness of our school, taught that "everything is grace" – God’s face and presence could be experienced in every person. St. Theresa has been acclaimed "the greatest saint of modern times". Pope John II declared St. Theresa a Doctor of the Church. Her feast day is October 1st.

The Sisters of St. Ann
Renowned as pioneers of education and healthcare in our province, the Sisters of St. Ann continue to serve our community. You can read more about the congregation, their history and the work they're actively engaged in today on Sisters of St. Ann, Pacific Northwest website.

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