Giving Report 2020

Principal's Message

This past year has been quite unusual for students everywhere. For our students at Little Flower Academy, the pandemic experience will be remembered for many things, but not for the year they missed out on school. It was remarkably different, but curriculum delivery at LFA was up and running with an online version only days after the return from Spring Break. We met the Ministry expectations for a normal year in far-from-normal circumstances and, just as importantly, we came together as a school community.
The school’s ability to pivot quickly was only possible because of the resources made available through philanthropy in our community. You have been so generous. Gifts this year (and to recent campaigns) came from parents, grandparents, alumnae, staff, past parents and our Directors and Trustees. This community investment in LFA meant we had all the technology pieces in place to make education accessible across our grades, to all of our students. All the features of our robust “learning management system” were put to good use, while our extensive mobile computer labs gave us the computers to lend to families and staff who needed them. Servers, cameras, hosting services, routers and digital film equipment were all called into action. Your gifts were in daily use, despite students being at home.

The year was also so much more than the COVID version of school. We had months of highly enriched, on-campus experiences. From science equipment and library holdings to sport, art, and choir resources, the girls day-to-day schooling, up until Spring Break, was rich with context and experience made possible through the Annual Fund.

We’ve also had some wonderful milestones to celebrate this year. The LFA Foundation professionally invested more than $1.3 million in the school’s endowment fund. Their first year of endowment disbursements have been earmarked for the upcoming COVID Response Fund, which will see all sorts of facility upgrades at LFA to make the environment safer for our students. The Foundation is also poised and ready to help support Emergency Financial Aid which may be necessary this year, once the full impact of the pandemic is realized by those in our community.
Our annual Report on Giving is more than a synopsis of numbers. We hope to convey that your gift has a tangible and meaningful impact on the experience of each and every girl at LFA.

Thank you. You have enabled the very best in Catholic, all girls' education.

Diane Little '88
Little Flower Academy

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