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Brenda Troughton Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Troughton's commitment to her students had a lasting impact on so many young women over the years. While she's widely remembered for "getting the best" out of her students in mathematics, it was clearly her belief in those same students that struck a chord. She inspired young women to be their best by believing in them and their abilities. When Brenda passed away in early November, 2014, there was an outpouring of fond memories from former students and colleagues alike. Her memorial service was packed to the rafters with people paying respect to a fine woman with an immensely generous spirit who had influenced their lives. Similarly, social media and our own school website measured the loss of someone who was greatly loved for her professionalism and kindness.
To the end, Brenda was an educator in heart. Her husband Gary explained that as Brenda saw her own time drawing to a close, she left him "marching orders" to ensure a legacy in the Little Flower community. Gary has set up a scholarship in Brenda's memory, which we are proud to call the Brenda Troughton Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be awared annually to a student who shows "determination and hard work" in her math, though she might not necessarily be a top math student. Reflecting the values of a teacher who volunteered countless hours tutoring students, often free of charge for those who couldn't afford it, "financial need" will also be considered in awarding the scholarship.

While Gary set the scholarship up, former colleagues, students and friends have also started adding their gifts. It is now feasible that we will reach a threshold to "endow" the scholarship in the Foundation. If endowed, it will be a scholarship that can be given in perpetuity. Endowed or disbursed over many years, the memory of the lasting impact that Brenda had on generations of Little Flower students will be memorialized: benefiting future students most like those who most benefited from her in the classroom.

You can be part of this legacy with a gift to the Foundation below. The scholarship fund will be managed by the Little Flower Academy Foundation, while the recipients will be selected by the Scholarship Committee at the school.

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What is Endowment?

An endowment is a permanent "trust" account established by donors. The gift from the donor is deposited into a special account where endowment principal earns investment income to benefit the school. Endowed funds provide financial resources to Little Flower Academy in perpetuity.

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