Enrichment Looks Like This

We've reached a stage now where fundraising is critical to the delivery of our mission. The funds raised are, of course, a primary driver in enriching student experience. Philanthropic support also allows us to keep delivering exceptional education while maintaining accessibility through the lowest tuition of like-funded schools anywhere in the Lower Mainland and a robust Financial Aid program.

Enrichment is a truly diverse classroom, representative of our wider Catholic community. It's continued investment in and improvement of our academic programs, co-curricular opportunities, equipment and facility. It's a wholesale change in the technology available to our girls and the use of that technology in the classroom. This year, we have enriched the high school experience in a way that will benefit our girls in whatever it is they go on to achieve. Your gifts more than just covered a "funding gap". Your gifts created opportunity in the lives of an amazing group of young women.

You have a positive impact on every facet of the school experience. We are most grateful to be able to make this investment in our wonderful students.

Annual Fund
Annual Giving continues to be the foundation of all fundraising we do at the school. Gifts are immediately invested in the programs, resources and opportunities that make an LFA education so exceptional. We do more than just cover a budgetary gap with the Annual Fund: we invest in the tangible things that form each girls' experience. Annual giving this year exceeded $415,000 for the second year in a row. The funds raised through the Annual Fund allowed for a remarkably diverse investment in our girls. It's no wonder that the outcomes for our girls are so remarkable. To see the impact that your giving has made, please read some of our giving stories.

Technology Renewal Campaign
The Technology Renewal Campaign has had a massive impact on the day-to-day classroom experience this year. Mobile computer labs will be in more than half of our classrooms by start of school in September. Every classroom has an interactive projector. There are new digital display screens across the school, running on modern software. The website has been significantly upgraded and is now mobile friendly. We're also seeing the revolution of our old ICT computer lab into a contemporary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lab, allowing teaching innovation and collaboration across disciplines. Led by the LFA Foundation, more than $350,000 in commitments to the Technology Renewal Campaign are helping us fulfill a vision of relevant technology for every student, in every class, and on demand.

Walkathon & Spring Fling Un-Gala
Thanks to the hard work of our students, parent volunteers and (of course) donors, this year's Walkathon raised more than $55,000. Our students did an amazing job of contributing to their own education. The Parents' Auxiliary, which adopted a new, more causal format at the school this year raised approximately $25,000, which will be invested in our Home Ec labs.

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