Giving Report 2024

Principal's Message

Since its inception, LFA has been tirelessly devoted to educating women within the Catholic faith to reach their fullest potential and lead extraordinary lives. It is our mission statement. Over the years, though the school has seen many transformations and evolutions, that mission has remained a guiding principle. We operate with the belief that a great education helps create a better world. As such, making an LFA education accessible is critical to our greater vision.
Our community’s dedication, service, and generosity never ceases to amaze me. As an appointed steward of LFA, my job is made much easier because of the LFA family that surrounds me. In every meaningful way, our community is the beating heart of our school.
This year, gifts to LFA have helped us provide several elective and advanced courses to broaden our curriculum; they’ve helped expand library resources; supported LFA’s fine and performing arts program, including our Choral Choir concert at UBC's Chan Shun Concert hall and the LFA/VC production of Mary Poppins; and enriched our athletics program with new uniforms, equipment, and initiatives like our LFA ice hockey team.
This year, in addition to campus development and endowment, our community gave over $350,000 for program enrichment, school development, and vital support for core activities. This exceeded the goal we set out at the beginning of the school year. Support from our LFA families and greater community is invaluable not only to the daily enrichment of our students, but to the long-term health and growth of LFA.
Our school will soon be 100 years old and better equipped than ever to serve the needs of our student body. That is in no small part a credit to the enormous generosity and support of our community. With over $1M raised for campus development and endowment, we can look forward to building an extraordinary campus for our students – one that not only meets their greatest aspirations, but endeavours to expand them.

Diane Little '88
Little Flower Academy

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