Giving Report 2019

Principal's Message

Thank you

For those who know us, they’ll know that the school’s Mission and Vision are the basis from which we approach every decision and opportunity at Little Flower Academy. We are stewards of the legacy that was passed down by the Sisters of St. Ann and, among the many priorities we balance, one thing remains foundational to our culture and our purpose: accessibility.

I want to first take a moment to celebrate the role of philanthropy in delivering accessibility at LFA. Did you know that any rise in tuition at Little Flower over the last decade has been by less than inflation? Although we have been outpaced by inflation, we have expanded and modernized expanded, modernized and improved every single year. In the past couple of years, the expansion of our STEAM and technology program has become the model for many other independent schools in Vancouver. So, while our girls are having doors opened to them in all sorts of new and wonderful ways, the integrity of our culture and our commitment to diversity is as strong and meaningful as it has ever been.

We have again exceeded our annual fund goal, raising more than $450,000 for the day-to-day operating enrichment of school programs. We have had several families commit to new, named family endowments. This winter, the LFA Foundation, who steward our school endowment funds, were pleased to announce that they’ve hired Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel to manage the endowment fund, investing more than $1.2 million this winter. Our community has generously invested in the next generation of young women, significantly enriching the only faith-based, girls’ focused education available in BC.

The school is in enviable financial shape. Carrying no debt, blessed with a growing endowment, and confident in a culture of philanthropy that has consistently met the ongoing operational needs of the school, we are in a perfect position to look forward. A changing provincial curriculum and clear emerging trends for new teaching and learning best practice aligns with our strategic plan’s goal to look at how our campus helps us deliver an exceptional education. To that end, we have begun the process of developing a Campus Master Plan. As this process moves forward, you will hear more about the exciting opportunities we will have available to offer young women in our community seeking an outstanding Catholic, all girls’ education.

In the meantime, again, I say thank you. We are the school we are because of the support we receive from people like you.

Diane Little '88
Little Flower Academy

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