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Theatre Arts

In itself, theatre introduces the student to performance skills, theatre terminology and styles, script analysis, and the fundamentals of design. Little Flower Academy deeply values giving its students the opportunity to participate and develop an appreciation of the world of live performance.

Because of our vibrant co-curricular program offering, our students can explore theatre on many different levels. In grade 9, Drama is offered as an elective course that is designed to introduce the basic elements of drama, while giving the students community performance opportunities. In later years, the course introduces more opportunities to explore the technical side of production, both for theatre and for film and TV. The Drama Club is open to students from every grade and allows increased self-direction in exploring theatre and performance.

Every year, a major school production is launched. Every alternate year, a musical production is performed. Typically male roles are filled through auditions at Vancouver College. The productions represent more than simply a great performance. It's the experience and learning of theatre
organization, theatre safety, theatre architecture, budgeting, scenery construction, lighting, sound engineering, scene painting, stage-managing, and props management. The multidisciplinary work blends all art forms, and enables students to see and understand the critical connection among the disciplines, both during the learning process and when presenting the event.

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