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Logging on enables a whole set of features for our community, be it students, parents, alumnae, staff or past parents. These features include cutomized announcements, important downloads, photos of events, videos, a customized calendar, a parent/student/alumnae directory and news specific to your relationship with LFA. It's all securely posted behind the password.

To access the pages published behind the password, please read through the information below.


To log into the site you will need a username and a password. If we have your email on file, follow the following instructions:

1) At the top, right-side of the page, click on "Login".

2) Click "Forgot your login?".

3) An onscreen prompt will pop up and ask you to enter an e-mail address. Be sure to enter the e-mail address on file with Little Flower Academy.
4) Check the appropriate box(es) to request your username and/or password.

If too many attempts at logging in have failed or you are having trouble logging in, please send a request to Connie Sabo (604-738-9016 ext. 240).

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To log into the site you will need a username and a password. If we don't have your current email on file, follow the following instructions:

If you don't know your username and we don't have your email on file, you can establish your username by the following format:
  • Students and Alumnae: First name, Last name, Abbreviated graduation year. So, for Jane Smith who will graduate in 2014, her username would be:  janesmith14
  • Parents (who are not alumnae): First name, last name. So, for Mary Smith, her username would be: marysmith
We have set up temporary passwords for students, current parents and those alumnae for whom we have address information. Your temporary password is the most recent post code we have on file for you. Your temporary password will use all capital letters and have a space between the first three characters and the last three. It would, therefore be in the format of: V6J 4C6

On successfully logging in, you will immediately be prompted to set your own password.

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