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All Girls Advantage

There are many advantages in an all-girls education: enhanced leadership opportunities, instruction tailored to girls, and the increased confidence and desire to succeed. We have the distinction of blending all of those advantages with the nurturing, faith-based curriculum of a Catholic education. The combination is critical in creating an immensely successful model for purposeful, meaningful education.
At LFA, it is about more than simply separating girls and boys. We offer an education designed especially for girls and the way they learn, and we have a culture that truly empowers girls to excel. The all-girl environment creates a special, sister-like bond among students and a strong sense of community. We have many links with boys' schools so that the girls learn to interact, work with and have fun with boys, but we believe that from grades 8-12, girls learn and thrive best in single-sex classrooms.

In the finest tradition of the Sisters of St. Ann, it is girls that make LFA an outstanding school. Girls lead student government, initiate community service opportunities, and encourage one another to greater heights in academics, arts, athletics and extra-curricular activities. They know they will be tomorrow’s female leaders.

Research Shows
The evidence clearly demonstrates the advantages of an all-girl educational environment. Studies show that girls find it easier to excel and become more confident learners in an all-girl setting. It's a more comfortable environment that encourages girls to speak up in class, to express their opinions, and to take initiative in everything from academics, to the arts and athletics.

... kids in single-sex classes or schools perform better on standardized tests, take a broader array of courses, have higher career aspirations, suffer less from discipline problems and absenteeism, and do better at college.

There is a wealth of research showing the benefits of an all-girl education. Here are some highlights:

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