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Academic Program

Our academic program is consistent with the requirements of the Ministry of Education for British Columbia and our students graduate with a BC Certificate of Graduation, the Dogwood Diploma. As with all Catholic high schools in our archdiocese, the curriculum includes a required component of religious education. How we teach, support and challenge our students is especially designed for girls and the way they learn.

Our talented faculty, administration, and staff are deeply committed to excellence in education and our school is successful because of the intellectual, social, emotional, and moral development of each individual student. The academic program is rigorous, and every student is challenged to do their best. In response to those who seek more, we offer enrichment opportunities that range from academic clubs and competitions through to the more formalized Advanced Placement program. 

Advanced Placement (AP)
The AP program gives our students the choice of taking college-level courses and exams and the opportunity to earn university credit and advanced placement. As a school that prepares women for life, we know that nearly all of our students choose to go to university and we offer this widely recognized program because for many, it is immensely practical enrichment. It is also close to our core values that the program is more than just entrance to university—the process and challenges of the course is preparation for life by broadening our students’ intellectual horizons. While not for every student, AP gives our students choice and opportunity.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). Recognizing the curiosity and ambition of our students, we were among the first Vancouver schools to fully develop a high tech, dedicated STEAM Lab in 2017. From its opening, it has been more than simply an extraordinary tool for teaching and design. It has given our girls new ways to explore and understand the curriculum across a broad range of subjects, clubs and activities. Explore our STEAM program a little more..

Our immensely successful academic program is balanced by a vibrant array of clubs and activities, recreational and competitive sport, and entertaining and enriching fine and performing arts. Ultimately, it is the goal of the LFA program to offer experiences that will not merely educate, but that will shape the well-rounded character of the individual student.

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