Fall Sport Festival Evolution
After the success with field hockey and volleyball games, we continue to get asked about the other sports. So, we'll expand the offer yet again. The Alumnae Fall Sport Festival will include field hockey, volleyball, basketball and soccer. We'll put together student teams for each of the sports to play the alumnae (field hockey and volleyball are in season, so the Senior teams will be itching to take on the alumnae).

Field Hockey Volleyball
How long has it been since you picked up that field hockey stick? Mrs. McGillivray would probably say, "Too long" - even if you played last year. Come on and get back in the game, if only for an afternoon of field hockey folley.  We've gone and added it, so come on out to see if you can out-jump, out-spike, and out-dig a 16 year old. If push comes to shove, we can suit up a coach or two to help out the...kids. 
Soccer Basketball 
We'll wrap up the field hockey, move the sticks to the side and pull out the soccer ball. In a World Cup year, maybe we'll even declare one team Argentina and the other Germany. Regardless, it's your chance to run around the old field for an hour of fun.  On several occasions over the years, we've had alumnae come back to help coach or play about at a Home for the Holidays event. Now's your time to up the ante and enjoy some social but competitive ball in the fantastic new gym. 

Check Back
After several years of running the Fall Festival, we're going to take a break this year. Please email alumnae@lfabc.org if you're interested in getting involved in putting the event on next year!

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