A Transformative Step Forward

Fundraising continues to be essential to the student experience. As in past years, your generosity permits the continued investment in and improvement of our academic programs, co-curricular opportunities, equipment and facility. This year, we've truly managed a transformative step forward: your gifts more than just covered a "funding gap" that allows for an enriched experience. Our community also made a huge investment in our school's technology infrastructure and, critically, set aside a significant resources for the future with the LFA Foundation's endowment fund.

You have a positive impact on every facet of the school experience. You have directly enriched the lives of our amazing students. We are most grateful.

Annual Giving
Annual Giving is the foundation of all fundraising we do at the school. Money raised is directly invested in the programs, resources and opportunities that make an LFA education so exceptional. We do more than just cover a budgetary gap with the Annual Fund: we invest in the tangible things that form each girls' experience. Annual giving this year exceeded $415,000, much more than our goal of $350,000. The funds raised through the Annual Fund allowed for a remarkably diverse investment in our girls. It's no wonder that our girls see the outcomes that they do. To see the impact that your giving has made, please read some of our giving stories.

Technology Renewal Campaign
This coming year the Technology Renewal Campaign will feel very relevant in the day to day lives of our students. New mobile labs across the school, new dedicated mobile lab for the science laboratories, the completion of interactive projectors in the classrooms, new servers, upgraded wifi and software upgrades. Led by the LFA Foundation, more than $200,000 in commitments to the Technology Renewal Campaign this past year have allowed the school to take a huge first step towards a $600,000 goal that will fulfill a vision of relevant technology for every student, in every class, and on demand.

Walkathon & Lunar New Year Dinner

Thanks to the hard work of our students, parent volunteers and (of course) donors, this year's Walkathon again raised more than $50,000. Our students did an amazing job of contributing to their own education. Parents were again putting in the hard work that's involved in a successful event to host our first Lunar New Year dinner, which replaced the previous year's "Gala". The amazing fundraising efforts of the Parents' Auxiliary alllowed for an additional $20,000 to be invested in the school.

Endowment Growth for the Future
The school’s endowment fund continues to grow with gifts and commitments of more than $60,000 made this year. Endowment, held in trust by the Little Flower Academy Foundation, currently represents a tiny wedge of school revenue but is essential to deliver the vision set out by the Sisters of St Ann in the future. With the LFA Foundation Board now actively engaged in both endowment fundraising and leading the Technology Renewal Campaign, the school has taken its first transformative step forward. 

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