Giving Report 2018

Principal's Message

It is one of my greatest privileges as Principal to hand each girl her diploma at graduation. It is the culmination of a fantastic journey of discovery. A journey where these girls have developed a sense of self-confidence not just from their many successes, but from the inevitable failures that are integral to learning. What makes an LFA education special is that these high and lows are experienced in the safety of a loving and faith-centred environment. Having put every effort and resource possible into making each girl's individual experience a life-enhancing one, we take that moment on stage to stand and celebrate her accomplishment. I also take that moment to marvel at the incredible array and breadth of possibility that lays before each these young women.

I hope you will share this wonder and anticipation as a supporter of Little Flower Academy. The journey each girl knows isn’t just “made better” every day because of the gift you make—it is made possible because of the gift you make. You are, in short, a blessing to the young women in our community. And we, as stewards of your giving, are sincerely grateful.

This year, our community gave over $1,000,000 to Catholic girls’ education. Having been part of the LFA community for a very long time, it is almost unimaginable to have reached such a milestone. But it is a milestone that fosters the very core of who we are: providing an exceptional education; empowering women to succeed in whatever they choose; fostering social justice and service to their community; and, ensuring the continued accessibility of an LFA education regardless of means. It is also a level of investment that has greatly benefited the girls today, will continue to benefit them in in the coming years and will be invested in the ongoing delivery of our mission for generations to come. I can only imagine the joy that the Sisters of St. Ann will know to hear that their mission in Vancouver is in such a healthy place.

So, again, thank you. You continue to enable the very best in Catholic, all girls' education.
Diane Little '88
Little Flower Academy

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