Student Life

Guidance and Counselling

Part of having a nurturing, supportive environment for learning is having established open channels of support to make sure each student reaches her potential. Our Counselling Department offers a number of services to our school community, including academic planning and counselling, as well as personal counseling. Additionally, we run a number of peer-support programs within our school, like Peer Ministry, Peer Mediators, and Peer Tutoring.

With senior course selection in mind, the core curriculum formally introduces our students to career planning in grade 10. Planning tools and learning sessions are made available through our Counselling Department as students begin to look at choosing from the many post-secondary options available to Little Flower Academy graduates. It is clear our LFA graduates are well prepared for post-secondary study and we are committed to helping each student navigate the complexities of choosing what and where to study next.

The Counselling Centre is open every school day for our students.

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