Virtual Escape Game Event Announced

Does your team have what it takes to escape an '80s workout video in one hour? Work together, find the clues, and solve the mystery before the hour is up!

The Parents' Auxiliary presents an 80's Virtual Escape Game Event on Saturday, February 27 at 7pm--all safely from your home via Zoom!  Hosted live, you can dress up, set your 80's Zoom background, and gather for a fun evening with the LFA community. We'll see which team is first to "escape the VHS"!
Here's the background story to set the stage:

Simon Richards was the most prominent star of the 80’s. He quickly rose to fame with his at-home workout videos until he mysteriously vanished on New Years Eve in 1989. That day, he was recording his newest film titled “REC” before witnesses claim to have seen him vanish in thin air. 30 years later, and Simon’s disappearance remains a mystery— until today. Equipped with the only copy of “REC” in existence, your team must immerse themselves in the world of an 80’s workout video to uncover the hidden secrets of the film and uncover the truth behind Simon’s disappearance. Does your team have what it takes, or will you be stuck in the 80’s forever?

Teams will use collaboration, deductive reasoning, and logic to have fun and connect as a group. In each adventure, teams join a zoom call and are met by a live host. The host provides the backstory before teams are divided up into smaller groups of 4-8 and given 1 hour to solve the mystery! Your host will offer hints and clues along the way! The whole evening takes approximately 1.5 hours.

This is a free Parents' Auxiliary Event for the whole family!Register now... (Registration deadline is 8pm, Friday, February 26)

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