Return to School Update

The school has submitted our restart plan to the Ministry of Education, and we are awaiting approval. Once approved, we will share the details of the plan with families. We are anticipating that we will return to school under the Stage 2 guidelines of the BC K-12 Education Restart Plan but with school-specific safety measures in place to ensure a safe and healthy return. 
As we have prepared for our restart, we are fully prepared to welcome all students back to the school, whether in person or remotely. As public health measures change, Little Flower is poised to provide an excellent educational program to our students and a smooth transition between the stages of the Ministry’s plan should that be necessary.
While many of the details cannot be shared until approved by the Ministry, we would like to share what we can, to help families think ahead to September. All students will be issued a Chromebook for use during the school year. Students will be free to take their Chromebook home for remote learning and homework. Details and Chromebook loan agreements will be sent prior to the start of the school year.
We can also share the timetabling changes that we have made. We will be offering courses by semester in the 2020-2021 school year. Students will each take four courses per term, and will take each of the classes every day.  We were able to make these changes with very little impact to individual student schedules. All Grade 11 and 12 students and all Advanced Placement students will be able to take the courses they signed up for last spring. There are, however, a small number of Grade 10 students who may need to change their elective. New schedules will be given to students on the first day of school. The switch to semester will significantly reduce contact numbers, exposing staff and students to fewer people during a school day. Semester classes will also allow for daily interaction with teachers, which will be particularly helpful to students learning remotely.
We have also made some improvements to the campus over the summer to keep the students as safe as possible.  Air extraction units have been installed throughout our heritage wing to improve ventilation in the older sections of the school. We have also replaced all of our standard faucets in washrooms with hands-free faucets. Hand sanitation stations have been installed throughout the building to promote hand hygiene. And finally, physical plexi-glass barriers, a new electrostatic sanitation machine, additional Chromebooks, extra student desks, and additional lockers have been purchased to keep our campus clean, reduce sharing of equipment, and allow for as much social distancing as possible. These changes will be largely supported by this year's Annual Fund, but we must thank the LFA Foundation and the Parents' Auxiliary for their immediate and generous financial support to get us started. Finally, I want to say a special thank you to our wonderful Mr. Cannon who has coordinated these upgrades over the past weeks.
We are confident to be welcoming the students back to a safe and healthy campus. Full details of our restart plan and our school safety plan will be made available as soon as we receive approval from the Ministry. We hope to share these plans, and full details of our reopening by August 26.
Until then, enjoy the rest of the summer.  Stay healthy. 

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