Fall Sports

From September through to November, LFA fields the following teams:

  • Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
The different teams have varied approaches to their sport and availability to student athletes depends on the sport and the level where they are eligible to participate.

Cross Country is inclusive to all grades and the team is non-selective. All are welcome to run for LFA, though qualification for certain meets and the Provincial Championships is results-based.

The Field Hockey program is one of the biggest anywhere in Canada. Our most competitive team is Senior A, which selects from across the grades and competes in the most competitve league for potential qualification for the Provincial Championships. The Junior team is our competitve development team, selecting only from Grades 9 and 10. Our Bantam team is designed as an introduction to field hockey for exclusively Grade 8 students. Because of the interest level, the Bantam team is selective.

Our LFA Swim Team is available to all grades and is non-selective. Those that wish to enter competitions can qualify for the Provincial Championships. For co-ed races, we team up with Vancouver College.

Our Volleyball program includes our Senior team which selects the elite volleyball players from Grades 9 through 12 and competes for qualification in the Provincial Championships. The Junior team is chosen from Grades 9 and 10 and competes for qualification in the Junior Provincial Championships. The Bantam, or Grade 8, volleyball team is selective from the many who try out in Grade 8.

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