Special Model UN Honour For Angel

Cindy Gao '19, the multi- award winning Model UN student, has been invited to chair at the prestigious PACMUN, Hawaii conference in Oahu this coming November.  This conference is staffed by Stanford University students and the honour to chair alongside Stanford University students, has been granted to a few students who attended PACMUN and who would be in university in the fall.
Cindy attended PACMUN in November, 2017 winning the Outstanding Delegate Award in her role as Chief of Staff on the the UN National Security Council. Cindy will attend UBC in the fall, but will fly to Hawaii to staff the Joint Crisis Committee from 22-24th November, 2019 at the Oahu Convention Centre.

Cindy has an impressive list of MUN awards and experience that well qualify her for this role. She was the Secretary General of LFAMUN in October, 2018 where she was the pinnacle of all the organizing for the conference and she has won 6 awards both locally and internationally in recent years. Among these was the Best Delegate Award as Iran on the G20 commiteee at HMCE (Harvard Model UN Congresss) in Madrid in March, 2018. In addition, she has staffed at several local conferences including CAHSMUN and PACIFIC MUN in Vancouver.

Ever cool, confident, composed, eloquent and organized, Cindy is a Model UN student par excellence!

It will be wonderful for the 30 LFA students attending PACMUN, 2019 to witness Cindy at the helm of the Joint Crisis Committee there.
Congratulations Cindy and thank you for being an outstanding Model UN leader for the past two years and for all of your hard work as a member of the LFA Secretariat team!

Good luck at UBC and at PACMUN, 2019!
Mrs. Mills

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