Angel Poet Gets Published

Every year, LFA is active in the Poetry in Voice program. This year, in addition to the oral component, there was a written competition. Thousands of poems were submitted from all across Canada and our own Maria Zen Baxter '22 was one of only twenty-two English language poets to be chosen!
Maria's poem, Mavis Creebly, was published this spring by the Poetry in Voice in their first issue of "Voices/Voix". 

LFA will soon have copies of the publication in our school Library, meaning Maria will show up in our library catalogue as a published author. LFA will make sure a copy gets to the Vancouver Public Library, so they too can put in their collection.

Maria was also chosen by Sita Carboni earlier in the year as winner of LFA’s annual poetry competition. Congratulations Maria on becoming a published poet by this prestigious national initiative which is sponsored by the Griffin Poetry Prize!

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