Author Danielle Kettlewell '10 Coming to Vancouver

Danielle Kettlewell '10 wasn’t an Olympian, or so she thought. There was a huge barrier that stood in the way of her competing at the world’s largest sporting event, and it wasn’t her fitness, ability or money: it was Danielle Kettlewell. In her book, The Unlikely Olympian Danielle reveals how the little voice inside her head whispering ‘what if…’ was her enemy and her savior. Journey with Danielle, as she takes you through her battle against the limiting thought patterns that may (or may not) lead her to Rio 2016.

Danielle's Canadian book launch is on Sunday, September 29 in Vancouver!
Danielle Kettlewell '10 started synchronized swimming at eight years old. Despite retiring at 18 to concentrate on university, she was given a once in a lifetime chance to join the Australian National Synchro Team. Faced with a big decision, Danielle concluded she'd rather try and fail than always wonder what if. This was the start of her bold goal to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

A life changing move across the globe, endless sacrifice, hard work, and gracious support from family, friends, coaches and teammates, the massive gamble paid off. Danielle qualified for the 2016 Australian Olympic Team. Competing in Rio was a highlight of her life and the lessons she learnt being part of the biggest sporting event in the world is gold to those who are in her space.

As an author and public speaker, Danielle is a big believer in the fighting spirit we all have. Having the desire to bring dreams to fruition and a hunger for doing what you love manifests unbelievable opportunities. Danielle shares her messages in workplaces and schools inspiring the pursuit of ultimate passions.

Come out to support Danielle at the Vancouver launch! You can get details at:

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