Mahalo Hawaii! LFA Wins Big at PACMUN Model UN conference in November

Julie Mills
Thirty LFA Model UN students attended PACMUN in Hawaii run by Stanford University students and the Steven’s Foundation. This is a very well run conference with many small committees that provide students with optimal opportunities to speak.  

In addition, it was wonderful to explore the Hawaiian Cultural Centre with approximately 140 other delegates for our pre- conference activity. The students were taught many steps to perform a traditional Hawaiian dance at the Opening Ceremonies of the conference and they also learnt how to make hibiscus hairpieces and pound taro on the beautiful grounds in the Ko - Olina area of Oahu! The LFA students did a great job in all of these cultural activities especially the dancing where they shined!

LFA also achieved academically! We won the Outstanding Large School Delegation Award of the conferences as well as 9 individual awards and 4 verbal commendations. The excellent quality of debate and the very well written position papers contributed to LFA’s overall success. The school award was for all who participated and it was obvious that the girls were engaged and motivated from the very beginning of the conference. It is interesting to note that 3 awards on the Human Rights Council went to LFA students which is quite the sweep!

Special congratulations go to the following girls:

Lara Rebeiro ‘22 who won Best Delegate on the Human Rights Council (UNHRC) as Australia

Maria Zen Baxter ’22 who won the Outstanding Delegate of the Conference Award on an historical committee called Troubled Times: 1972 UK cabinet as the Home Secretary

Melanie So ’21 who won Outstanding Delegate on the UNHRC as Denmark

Megan Tai ’22 who won Outstanding Delegate on the UNHRC as Brazil

Kyra Gorsuch '22 and Anna Ueda ’22 who won Honorable Mention on the Hawaiian Great Mahale Historical Committee (double delegation) as Jonah PI’IKOI

Kimberley Kavlekar ’21 who won Honorable Mention on the Joint Crisis Cuba Committee as the Minister of Justice

Maxine Cruz ’22 who won the Best Position Paper on SOCHUM representing China

Alison Chan ’21 who won the Best Position Paper on the historical Spanish Juntas of 1818 Committee as Cataluna

Clarice Moura '22, Helena McGee '22, Charlie Kan '22 and Heather Elworthy ’22 who won Verbal Commendations for their contributions on committee.

Here is some reflections from Kyra who thoroughly enjoyed the conference and won an award -

“When I first heard about PACMUN 2019, I was initially nervous, and hesitant, as I didn’t know what to expect. However, after having the opportunity to go on this trip, I can confidently say that it has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences. From this conference, I have been able to develop more confidence in my speaking, as well as expand my knowledge on pressing issues of both the past and present. This trip allowed me to develop and strengthen various friendships, as well as creating new ones with many international students! I truly feel blessed to have had such an amazing trip, and I can’t wait for others in the future!”

Congratulations to all students – I mean it when I say that LFA has the best MUN students in the world!!! I cannot wait for the next conference!

Mrs. Julie Mills


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