LFA Athletes of the Year

Though BC school athletics were greatly disrupted this year, there are a number of athletes who have proven their mettle over the past few years. More than just exceptional, they have shown leadership, been wonderful teammates, and represented Little Flower Academy with passion, integrity and sportsmanship. We salute the 2019/2020 Athletes of the Year...

Fall Season

Cross Country | Quillan Gall ‘24

Quillan is the only non-graduating student to win a team Athletics Award for the 2019/2020 school year. She starred on our cross country team as our only qualifier to the BC Championships this year and was a standout athlete among her peers. Her level of leadership and maturity as an athlete was truly inspirational to future young athletes. Only in Grade 8, we are excited about Quillan’s high school cross country career ahead of her! Congratulations Quillan.

Field Hockey | Allison Kuzyk ‘20

Allison was a Captain of the Senior A Field Hockey team. More than just an exemplary commitment to the field hockey program, Allison is a uniquely special hockey talent. Indeed, Allison was probably the most talented striker in BC high school field hockey this season. We, however, relied on her to be more than just a lethal scorer. Allison was often called to help at the centre of the pitch and help drive our system—especially when playing teams that were deep with their own talent. She is also so defensively responsible, as is the hallmark of any athlete who pushes for a spot on our National Team. Allison plays key roles in most of our set plays and has a masterful game sense and the unselfishness of an elite athlete. Her work ethic, skill and especially commitment to team and system set the tone for one of the most incredible high school games I have witnessed in the last decade: a masterful match, played in the Provincial Semi-Finals this year. Allison does it all with a wonderful perspective and inclusion of teammates and friends. We will miss her dearly next year. Congratulations Allison.

Swimming | Jacqueline Wong ’20 and Aisha Hussain ‘20

Jacqueline and Aisha are both receiving the LFA Swimming Athlete of the Year. They are receiving this award together because they worked so hard for the team as both athletes and coaches. They demonstrated excellent leadership throughout the swim season. They organized and ran the practices, developing swim skills, but also adopted innovative exercises that made practice fun! They saw to our registration for the Independent, Regional and Provincial swim meets. They promoted and demonstrated a very positive comradery at practices and events. This year we experienced great success thanks to their expertise and interest in the swim program at LFA. Congratulations Jacqueline and Aisha.

Volleyball | Madeline Miller ‘20

Madeline... aka Maddie, is receiving the Athlete of the year in Volleyball. This award really speaks volumes to her skill and leadership. With a final year that brought trophy after trophy to LFA and, finally, capped off with the Provincial Banner and AAA Championship trophy. Maddie joined the team in grade 10 and eventually earned her spot as captain and team leader who was able to rally her teammates when down and keep them on task when they needed help to find their way. The best part about Maddie is how she plays volleyball with such joy and exuberance - especially during the "block" celebrations. Congratulations Maddie.

Winter Season

Basketball & Track and Field (Track) [Spring Season] | Maya Landero Van ‘20

Maya has been an integral part of LFA Athletics since grade 8. Indeed, Maya has been such a big part of athletics, she has been selected for two team Athlete of the Year awards: the Basketball award and the Track award. She is a shining example of how courage and hard work pay off in both of her sports of Track and Basketball. Truly, it has been Maya's “coach-ability” and her dedication to work hard that has transformed her into a well-rounded and complete athlete. Maya helped qualify for the provincial championships multiple times in Track (4x100 and 4x400 relays as well as the 300 and 400 m hurdles) and has been an integral part of the Basketball team. She truly exceeds the standards of commitment and resilience expected of all LFA team members. Congratulations Maya.

Spring Season

Note: The Spring Season was disrupted and, ultimately, canceled by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Awards have been selected based on our athlete’s long-time commitment to–and success in--their chosen pursuits.

Badminton | Aine Nunez ’20 and Marissa Lam ‘20

Aine and Marissa have both been selected as the Badminton Athletes of the year. Both girls have had positive impacts to our badminton program, both on and off the court. Even though they have had different pathways to this point they have both been instrumental in the successes of the program. The pair was looking forward to the opportunity, as team Captains, to follow up the 4th place finish at last year’s Provincial Championship, which was such a rewarding experience in Victoria, BC. Well done, both Aine and Marissa!

Soccer | Gracie Korac ‘20

Gracie has been a part of the senior soccer team since her grade 10 year. Since then, her speed and tenacity on the outside midfield has provided the Angels with both offensive flair and defensive grit, as she epitomizes a two-way player. Gracie has never shied away from a challenge and has been a dedicated player to the program. On and off the field, she is an incredibly welcoming player to all her peers and shows the utmost respect to the officials and her opponents, although never gives an inch to an opponent! Well done, Gracie.

Tennis | Cassandra Lung ‘20

Cassandra has not only played on our LFA Tennis team from grade 8, but she has been an impactful player since day one. Cassandra has made significant contributions which helped carry LFA to the Provincial Championships every year during her high school career. She was an athlete that was always there to help and support her fellow teammates and share her expertise. She is currently ranked among the top 3 u18 girls in British Columbia! Congratulations Cassandra.

Track & Field (Field) | Melanie Tran ‘20

Melanie is not just a phenomenal Field athlete who represented LFA at the Provincial Championships in both Long Jump and the 4x400m relay; but was an integral part on our 2019 Provincial Championship Volleyball team too. She is one of the most humble, kind and giving people that I have encountered in all my years of coaching. She also worked very hard giving back to the Athletics program by being a "team leader" for the track team, by helping to run practices, and warming the team up. It gives me great pleasure to award Melanie the Field Athlete of the year. Congratulations Melanie.

Ultimate | Stephanie Non ‘20

Stephanie is receiving the Ultimate Athlete of the Year award because of her wonderful dedication to the Ultimate program. She has been such a constant on the team since grade 10 and has grown into a leader. She was named captain and has been instrumental to the team’s success, as she organized practices and was key in liaising with VC. Congratulations Stephanie.

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