Fourteen Awards for LFA at Calgary Virtual MUN

Alison Chan '21
From October 16 to 17, 66 students took part in SWCHSMUN (Sir Winston Churchill High School MUN) in Calgary, the first virtual MUN conference students have attended in the history of LFA, which brought an experience like no other. LFA Angels performed outstandingly, earning and incredible 14 awards across a variety of subjects, from tackling global pandemic preparedness in the WHO to defeating Voldemort in the literary committee entitled, the Order of the Phoenix!
 The awards were a little different at this MUN and the following girls received these specific awards and Mrs. Mills congratulates all delegates below for their outstanding performances on committee!
Most Outstanding Delegate –
Kimberly Kavlekar ’21 – Ethiopia on ECA (Economic Commission of Africa)
Megan Tai ’21 – South Korea on WHO
Clarice Moura ’22 – China on UNAIDS
Most Diplomatic
Minji Jeong ’23 – Sth Korea on UNICEF
Lara Robeiro ’22 - Brazil on WFP (World Food Programme)
Bernice Wong ’21 - Angola on ECA
Most Potential
Athina Law ’22 - Nymphadora Tonks on the Harry Potter committee
Brook Hamilton Wong ’21 – Central African Republic on ECA
Erin You ’21 – Netherlands on WHO
Most Improved
Maya Mior ’22 - Molly Weasley on the Harry Potter committee
Angela Qian ’22 – China on UNSC (Security Council)
Audrey Foy ’22 - Angola on UNAIDS
Maria Zen Baxter ’22 - Brazil on CND (Commission on Drugs and Crime)
Verbal Commendation
Lauren Lee '22 - Netherlands on UNAIDS
Here are some of the impressions of the conference from Minji Jeong ‘23, a new MUN Angel this year and Athina Law ‘22 –
Minji Jeong ‘23: “Initially, I was nervous to be attending my first conference, and unsure of how smoothly communication with fellow delegates would run online. However, to my surprise, the chair of my committee immediately reassured us with her bubbly personality, and helped break the awkwardness of conversation on Zoom with plenty of icebreakers. As well, my committee and bloc were very understanding and respectful, and gave me the confidence and supportive environment to speak up in moderated caucuses. Through SWCHSMUN, I learned to react quickly, and to trust myself when improvising responses. I also learned to recognize the importance of cooperation in MUN conferences. While many believe that it is best to only take charge and to be an assertive leader, which is needed in certain situations, MUN strongly emphasizes your ability to work well with people and to voice your opinions without aggression. For the second topic, my committee merged blocs to form one unified bloc. In particular, I was impressed with the maturity of my bloc in its decision to let those who hadn’t had a chance to be a sponsor in the first topic to be a sponsor in the second. I believe that MUN is a unique experience that provides growth in public speaking, confidence, and the ability to work in groups, and I look forward to experiencing in-person conferences in the future.” 
Athina Law ‘22: “This conference was really well organised, with the goal of keeping the experience as similar to in-person MUN as possible. Though the location of the conference brought forward many benefits and drawbacks, all of us were able to adapt to the online environment. I was fortunate enough to be on the Harry Potter Crisis Committee, where I represented Nymphadora Tonks. I was able to use filters on my committee to better fit my character, who often changed her face into an animal's, which allowed for a more fun and engaging experience. Despite the fact that I was sitting in front of a screen, it paid off to be able to speak directly into the microphone without having to raise my voice to be heard in a large committee room and to later be able to win an award.  All in all, I was still able to connect with the other delegates and work together to solve the crisis that we were given, eventually defeating Voldemort and bringing the Order to victory.”
 Congratulations to all 66 delegates at SWCHSMUN!
Article by Alison Chan '21 (Public Relations)

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