International Public Speaking Success

Mary Duffy
A big congratulations to the three public speakers who attended the International Independent Schools' Public Speaking Competition this past week!
There were both asynchronous and synchronous events in the areas of persuasive and impromptu speech, dramatic monologue, interpretive reading and cross examination debate. It was a very informative and successful experience for everyone, with Audrey Braun making finals in the impromptu and interpretive categories and winning first place in interpretive, Maya Mior making finals and winning second place in impromptu, and Maria Zen-Baxter making  finals in persuasive and impromptu, winning third in impromptu and winning fourth place overall and qualifying for the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships. The competition featured over a hundred students from thirty six schools ranging from North America, India , South Africa and Bermuda and onwards and was expertly hosted by Vancouver's own Mulgrave School via Zoom. Worlds will be hosted in Durban South Africa  in July (most likely via Zoom ). Congratulations also to Joyce Chen who qualified to be part of team Canada and compete at last  year's Worlds this past summer. The event was scheduled to take place in Hong Kong but also was hosted via Zoom. Joyce made it to finals and placed fifth overall in the World. A thank you to Joyce as well as Asha Mior  -'20 in addition to Miss Harrison and Mrs. Bedard for their support of this year's LFA  Internationals team. .Best wishes to all the speakers and good luck in future ventures.

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