Ten Students Shine at VYMUN 2020

Julie Mills
On the weekend of November 30th October to Sunday November 1st, 52 "new" LFA Model UN students attended VYMUN organized by WPGA and  all students learnt an incredible amount about the processes of MUN and 10 students won awards.
It was WPGA's first ever virtual conference and the first conference for the new members of the LFA MUN Club. As usual, the conference was very streamlined and well organized and all students learnt so much of value about the processes of MUN and their stimulating committee topics. Students debated very interested topics ranging from the "Impact of Covid on the Global Economy", "Megafire Reduction and Management", the "Economic Support for the Inclusion of Refugees" to the current crisis in Venezuela. 

Special commendations go to the following 10 girls who won awards through their hard work and participation at a very competitive conference -

The Best Delegate Award
Isabelle Liu '23 who represented Japan on the UNHRC (United Nations High Commission on Refugees) 

The Outstanding Delegate Award
Janelle Tam '23 who represented Singapore on ASEAN
Elaine Ma '23 who represented China on WHO
Evelyn Lee '23 who represented Guatemala on UNHRC
Minji Jeong '23 who France on UNEP (United Nations Environment Program)

Honorable Mention
Jenibelle Wang '23 who represented Belgium on the UNHRC
Isabella Widjojo '23 who represented Vietnam on UNSC
Megan Moretto '23 who represented Argentina on UNEP

Best Position Paper
Maddie Farrugia '23 who represented Venezuela on ECOFIN (Economic Commission on Finance)
Anya Trivedi '21 who represented Russia on UNSC

As always, LFA delegates performed with great knowledge, energy and commitment and all students developed well over the course of the conference. Well done Model UN Angels!

 Mrs. Julie Mills

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