Five Top Awards at VMUN 2021

Julie Mills
LFA students attended the very large virtual MUN conference hosted by St. Georges School in the last weekend of January, 2021. There were over 800 Canadian and international delegates in attendance at this excellent conference, including some delegates from Saudi Arabia! Five LFA students performed exceptionally well winning top awards on their respective committees.
Multi- award and gavel winner, Kimberly Kavlekar '21, won the Best Delegate Award for her participation on the EU (European Union) where she represented Italy. In the Closing Award Ceremonies, the chair of the EU said the following of her:

"She won the Best Delegate Award for her charisma, her leadership, her selflessness, her captivating speeches and for emulating the qualities of a true UN diplomat."

These comments attest to Kimberley's passion and diligence in preparing for conferences but also to her real desire to make a difference in global issues particularly the rights of women. In addition, Kimberly's eloquence and strong critical thinking skills make her a very convincing advocate on any committee. Kimberly has done an excellent job as the Secretary General for the LFA MUN Club this year which has involved many hours of work. Well done and thank you for your leadership, service and participation!

Athina Law '22, also won the Best Delegate Award for her role on the JCC (Joint Crisis Committee), an historic committee exploring the Crimean War where she represented a famous historic figure. This is an impressive win for Athina as the committee is an advanced crisis committee demanding some different procedural details and Athina is only in grade 11! Athina always shows poise and excellent knowledge on MUN committees.

3 students- Isabelle Liu '23, Alli Yi '22 and Anya Trivedi '21, won the Outstanding Delegate Award on their respective  committees. Isabelle Liu has had an impressive first year of MUN winning several awards including Best Delegate at Horizons in November 2020 and at this conference she represented Fiji on the UNHRC (Human Rights Committee) making many pertinent arguments and resolutions. There are many more conferences for Isabelle to further make her mark in the next two years!  Alli Yi represented China on the UNODC (Drugs and Crime) and her confidence and thorough preparation gave her the edge on her committee. Anya Trivedi has made an impact at all of the conferences she has attended in the last three years where she has won many awards including the Best Delegate Award and indeed, MUN has led her to find her area for study in university. She represented Russia on the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) and representing Russia always hold challenges for any delegate. Well done MUN Angels!

Congratulations to all who attended this conference. You represented LFA very well - your  performance on committees is always impressive! Thank you!

 Mrs. Julie Mills

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