All Parent Teacher Interviews Now Virtual

Although the school has been amazingly healthy over the fall, this week we are seeing a significant increase in the number of teachers and students absent due to illness. Consequently, we feel it is prudent to switch all of our Parent Teacher Interviews to virtual interviews.

Thursday Interviews: Now Virtual

There will be no in-person interviews on Thursday, November 24. Parents with Thursday interviews will still be able to meet with the teachers, as scheduled, but over Zoom.
There will be no change to the virtual interviews already scheduled for Friday.

Accessing Virtual Interviews

To access your virtual interviews, you will need to have a copy of your interview schedule and you will need to know the name of your daughter’s teachers. Each teacher has a Parent Teacher Interview Zoom link that can be accessed from the school’s home page or by visiting
At your scheduled interview time, simply click on the teacher you are meeting, a new Zoom tab will open, and you will be admitted to the teacher’s waiting room. It is advisable to keep the LFA tab open while you are in your meetings to allow you to quickly move from one meeting to the next. After finishing one meeting, simply click on the LFA tab to access the list of teacher links.
Because many families have scheduled back-to-back interviews, it will be critical for interviews to end on time and for teachers to remain on schedule. We appreciate your support in adhering to the 5-minute time limit.  Interviews should end automatically if they run over the 5-minute limit. If you continue to have questions at the end of the interview, please email the teacher next week to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time.
A notice will be posted on the Parent Teacher Interview page if a teacher is not well enough to participate in Zoom interviews. 
We appreciate your flexibility and look forward to seeing you at the interviews.
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