LFA Student Evangelizes Through Public Art Displays

Recently, while attending a fundraiser to support Ukraine, LFA student Kaitlyn Uy ’23 along with her friend Alexandra, were approached by a member of Madonna House Vancouver to help them create window art.
The Madonna House Apostolate is a Catholic organization of laymen, women, and priests who dedicate their lives to hospitality in everyday life. Their Vancouver branch is located across from St. John the Apostle on Trafalgar Street.

What began as a one-off art project became a seasonal tradition for Kaitlyn, Alexandra, and the members of Madonna House. To date, Kaitlyn and Alexandra have created three unique pieces of window art for Madonna House: a beautiful fall harvest piece in September, a silhouette of Mother Mary in October, and a lovely “stained-glass” nativity scene for the holiday season. The members of Madonna House have kept returning to their favourite artists in Kaitlyn and Alexandra because of the great continued response to the displays – noting that they’ve had several passersby come up to their door to comment on the art.
When asked about her and Alexandra’s process, Kaitlyn had this to say:

“Before we begin, we always say “Trust the process!” We usually base our design on the month (i.e. September would be something fall-related) or the liturgical season (i.e. for October, the month of Mary, she was our subject). Many times though, our design doesn’t always turn out the way we plan it, hence the need to “trust the process”. It always begins with a draft – inspiration comes from our own ideas, or concepts that we see in cards/calendars/the internet. Then we transfer it onto the window and run outside (a lot) to check the way it looks, as colours look quite different inside as compared to outside. The paint we use is acrylic, for its fast drying time, and it can be cleaned off fairly easily with a bit of scrubbing.”

The girls have been absolutely delighted by the response to their work and the positivity stemming from their art. They’re touched that their art has functioned as a form of evangelization as it has attracted people to understand and learn more about their faith through the Madonna House. Kaitlyn says she has always seen art as an outlet for happiness and is grateful that she’s been able to share it with others. Both Kaitlyn and Alexandra hope to keep painting the windows at Madonna House for as long as they’ll have them.

We are delighted that the passion and skills Kaitlyn has been able to develop in her art class has manifested in this wonderful and fulfilling opportunity for her. Way to go Kaitlyn!

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