Over 80 LFA MUN delegates attended two high school MUN conferences -VMUN 2023 run by St. Georges School at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in February and Horizons MUN at the Richmond Westin Hotel in November 2022 gathering 12 prestigious awards!
LFA delegates also left their mark on VMUN 2023, which is apparently the largest high school conference in the world! We won 9 awards at this conference. Kristina Bedford '25 won the Best Delegate Award (1st Place) and a gavel on the IMO (International Monetary Organization) and Melissa Hartnett '23 won the Best Research Award on an historical crisis committee revisiting the War of the Spanish Succession of 1700. The following girls won the Outstanding Delegate Award (2nd place) on the following committees- Samantha Po '25 (UNODC), Elaine Ma '23 (HOC), Amy Shumka '25 (IMO), Isabelle Liu '23 (FCC) and Minji Jeong '23 (HOC), Izza Cajuday '24 (NATO) and Audrey Chan '24 (JCC) won Honorable Mention (3rd Place award). Given that there were 1300 delegates present, this was a momentous feat for all award winners. LFA delegates also attended the CAHSMUN Horizons conference, a local conference in Richmond, where LFA was very successful yet again. Mel Hartnett, Minji Jeong, and Raine Gurton '25 won awards in exhilarating committees like the International Press Corps and the Roman Senate, with Isabelle Liu taking home the Best Delegate Award and a gavel for her stellar performance on the Fictional Crisis Committee. Congratulations to all MUN Angels for your excellent participation,  accomplishments and overall standard of performance at all MUN conferences! Way to go Model UN Angels!  

- Mrs. Mills

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