2021 Distinguished Alumnae Announcement

Little Flower's Distinguished Alumnae are carefully selected for their exemplary and exceptional contributions to their communities. Each Distinguished Alumnae has risen to great heights in their field - showing the entire LFA community how exceptional dedication can lead to distinguished and inspiring help for others. Our 2021 Distinguished Alumnae is Isabelle Vonder Muhll '88. Although inducted in 2021, LFA has not had the opportunity to properly celebrate Isabelle's induction with a formal ceremony due to the health restrictions of the past few years. On April 21, 2023, Isabelle will be recognized alongside our inductees from 2020, Gwen Ellert '69 and Catherine Koch '75 at our Distinguished Alumnae Mass & Reception. 
Isabelle Vonder Muhll '88 is a highly celebrated cardiologist, a professor of medicine, and a leader in the national and international cardiology community. She is the former vice president of the Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network, an active academic mentor, and the author of many peer reviewed journal articles, chapters of textbooks, and editorials. Isabelle is currently an associate professor of medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where she has been honoured with many ‘Excellence in Teaching’ and ‘Teacher of the Year’ awards. Isabelle also works regularly in the University of Alberta Hospital, caring for adults with congenital heart disease and in need of cardiac imaging. Her patients are often in dynamic stages of life: studying, establishing their careers and raising families. She feels privileged to be able to help them and learn about resilience in the face of adversity from them.

In the university, she is proud of helping the next generation of medical experts understand heart disease and become competent, caring medical professionals. In her volunteer work, she researches how patients with congenital heart disease in their infancy fare when they are adults. She also empowers patients and their families through patient-centered workshops on living with heart disease.

Isabelle credits LFA with helping her develop the foundational values that contribute to her amazing work and accomplishments. With all that said, Isabelle feels no more distinguished than any of her classmates. “In this life, we all have roles to play, and each person achieves a level of distinction if they help and encourage others, raise a family or endure hardship in a way that can inspire.”

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