Lori Lai Reflects on Winning Prestigious Art Distinction

Lori Lai '24 was recently awarded the Award of Distinction for her piece "Labour of Love" by the 2024 ShowOff! Art Competition. We caught up with Lori to reflect on the honour!
In March, Lori Lai '24 was selected as a finalist for AUArts' online exhibition for her piece "Labour of Love", a wood sculpture artwork that addresses the comforts of family. After judges deliberation, she was awarded the Award of Distinction, winning LFA's Art Department a grant in the process.

Reflecting on the award and honour, here's what Lori had to say:

To me, creating art is another way to study. The research, experimentation, and documentation processes are akin to a science experiment, and the results a piece produces allow me to better understand myself and the way I navigate the world. This sculpture in particular is a means of introspection-- to examine the relationship I have with my family, and to reflect it in a way that will resonate with other people. 
In general, however, creating art for me is really about developing good communication skills. Good art is a creative and effective method of communicating an idea. Good art creates a connection between artist and viewer in a way that isn't just superficial.
I hope that, through my work, I can show others a new way of looking at art: with the lens of a researcher, seeking to learn through the process rather than create for the end product. I hope that my work gets other people excited to take that first step and try to make something for themselves.
Winning an Award of Distinction was a fun surprise (emphasis on surprise). I've begun to understand what I am capable of, and I can only hope that my future will continue to reflect my capabilities. Later, I plan to pursue concept art or character design-- but who knows what's to come?
- Lori Lai 

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