Junior Field Hockey Team Announced

Thank you to everyone who gave their best effort and attended trials.

Field hockey is alive and well at LFA! It was a brilliant display of both athleticism and sportsmanship throughout the trials. For those who did not make the team, I need to strongly urge you to contact Mr. Taylor immediately to see if they can play for the Senior B team. Selection was an incredibly difficult decision and another year of playing hockey regularly will give you a legitimate opportunity to play Senior A in the future. The Senior B's are also an immensely fun team to play with.

The Junior Team for 2009 is (please excuse any misspelled names):
  • Rhianna Baker
  • Alexandra Breukels
  • Catherine Canil
  • Amelia Casey
  • Valendina de Bonis
  • Michelle Fenske
  • Maija Fiorante
  • Pearlena Hamilton
  • Emily Harris
  • Diyyinah Jamora
  • Jecika Jeyaratnam
  • Katie Pezarro
  • Georgia Sakurai
  • Nicole Stafford
  • Kalen Stewart
  • Vanessa Tallarico 



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