Junior Field Hockey Recap

Mr. Fitch
With more than 35 girls trying out for the team, it is clear that the field hockey program at LFA is as strong and popular as ever.

The competition was so close and the selection so difficult, we took the opportunity to see nearly everyone in a game situation against a touring side from Ontario. Once selected, the team quickly developed a team-first identity. Most of our opponents relied heavily on one or two players, while our LFA team found successful because it played so extraordinarily well as a team. It was each player’s commitment to teamwork and enjoying the game that explains why the Junior Team went undefeated through league play.


We played in two tournaments outside of league games, which gave us the opportunity to play against top opposition from around the province. Many of our opponents were from highly competitive field hockey programs at big high schools. Our Angels demonstrated that they could compete with any team at any level. They also got very, very wet in one of the rainiest days of field hockey one could imagine and learned the proper pronunciation of several words over the course of the season.


Winning the Independent School “Senior B” City Championships was the culmination of an exceptionally fun season for the Junior Field Hockey team. On this website, there’s the full story on the final game itself, which was thoroughly entertaining for the dozens of fans who watched as we went into overtime and penalty strokes to decide the winner against rival Crofton House. Our win was very much deserved as the team never once trailed in the game and held the run of play nearly throughout. Congratulations to a fantastic group of athletes who made the year enjoyable for both coach and manager!


Team Members include:

Rhianna Baker

Alex Breukels (Captain)

Cathy Canil

Amelia Casey

Valendina de Bonis

Michelle Fenske

Maija Fiorante

Pearlena Hamilton

Emily Harris

Diyyinah Jamora

Jecika Jeyaratnam

Katie Pezarro

Georgia Sakurai

Nicole Stafford

Kalen Stewart

Vanessa Tallarico


Coach: Mr. Fitch

Manager: Mrs. Lyons


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