Technology Push

Thanks to our most outstanding Annual Fund ever, we're taking a giant leap forward with classroom technology upgrades, two new dynamic computer labs and renewal of our Library research terminals.
Keeping up with technology is always a challenge at any school. However, with this year's Annual Fund being so successful, we are able to invest in technology that responds to our student needs like never before. This year, thanks to a surge in giving to the Program Development Fund and the Principal's Initiative Fund, we've taken steps to get LFA ahead of the technology curve. 

Classroom technology continues to get upgraded. A big investment from the Parents' Auxiliary and Walkathon a few years ago got us a footing with many new interactive whiteboards. We continue to expand that program, based on faculty input of student needs. This year we've responded with interactive whiteboards, projectors, tablets, and software while also upgrading our network and wifi capability.

Mobile Lab
As we continued to evaluate the student needs, we consulted faculty on how to meaningfully upgrade our computer lab capabiilties. "Make it mobile" was the overwhelming response. Donors like you have made that possible. This coming school year, students at every grade will be using our new mobile Chromebook lab in classrooms and for projects. Whether researching online or sharing projects and content, it represents a great new resource for our students and faculty.

Science Mini Lab
Science class has specific needs. Our science department worked with IT to develop a plan to have a mini mobile computer lab devoted to our science department. With specific scientific software and dedicated notebooks, students will be able to input the data generated by their experiments to see, analyze and understand trends and results immediately.

Library Terminal Upgrade
The demands on Library computing is signficant. From searching Library holdings to accessing online journals and resources we subscribe to, the Library computers are in constant use. So, we've added more and we've upgraded the older terminals to make them quicker and more useful to the students. We know they're a student body that reads (we continue to circulate more books than any other high school library in Vancouver) so it's on us to foster that passion and meet the demands of students who are passionate about what the Library has to offer. Thanks you donors like you, we've made that investment again this year.

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