A Fitness Centre

Next fall our students will immediately benefit from the a new Fitness Centre that was made possible by the coordination of fundraising efforts by the Parents' Auxiliary and an investment from the Annual Fund.
As a school, we continually look at "what's best for the girls." In the case of our old weight room, the key word is "girls". Our Physical Education Department had a vision for educating our students about lifelong fitness and well-being that wasn't being served by equipment that didn't suit our student body or the direction of our physical education program.

The result is by design: a focus on stationary bikes with modern technology that fits an educational pedagogy that uses individual analysis. Sue Bryde '92 explains that, "introducing a high number of spin bikes with fitness monitoring technology will transform physical education at Little Flower Academy. We're going to have the ability to educate each girl on their personal fitness progress. By prioritizing stationary bicycles, our students will have access to year-round cardio focused equipment that has low impact on growing knees and ankles. They’ll learn how to properly make the most of training on equipment that’s widely available nearly everywhere."

It is the opportunity to quantitatively evaluate students based on their effort rather than timed performance. The girl who cycles a shorter distance in a given time, but does so at her optimal heart rate is rewarded for the effort she puts in and knows that she’s made a difference in her own well-being. We anticipate that it will help build confidence and teach the girls about their own bodies. Bryde concludes: "the Fitness Centre project will allow us to balance our teaching with performance-based feedback and participation-based analysis. It will give us tools to personalize outcomes for each individual and teach invaluable lessons about fitness and well-being. The Fitness Centre will help LFA focus itself not just on physical education but girls' physical education."

Thanks to the hard work of the Parents' Auxiliary through the Ad Lucem Gala as well as the Annual Fund, we've ordered 23 stationary bikes to be installed this summer. In addition to the bikes, the room itself will be upgraded, software purchased to make the most of the technology and the space transformed into something special for the girls going forward. Thank you to everyone who got behind this project. 

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