Endowment Builds for the Future

While Annual Fund continues to be the engine that drives the enrichment of the student experience, the school has been blessed by several gifts to the school's endowment fund that will serve our mission and vision into the future. A robust endowment fund is critical to the school's continued success and we're very grateful to have seen it grow significantly this past year.
This year we've seen designated gifts to existing funds as well as the creation of our third 'named endowment fund'.

The Westbury Family Endowment Fund
Drs Marilyn and Robert Westbury's connection to Little Flower Academy is through their granddaughter, Julia, who is just completing grade 10. In Edmonton, where they reside, the Westburys are well known for their volunteer and philanthropic activities. Dr. Marilyn is Professor Emeritus, Concordia University College. She has a PhD from the University of Alberta and has been awarded the Alberta Centennial medal and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal in recognition of her community and educational contributions. Dr. Bob, as he is widely known, is Telus' Chief Advisor, Relations and Innovation in the Alberta Capital Region. Bob has been inducted into the Order of Canada and the Alberta Order of Excellence. He has a PhD from Florida State University and an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Alberta.

For Bob and Marilyn, Little Flower Academy is a relatively new community. Before Julia came, they had no connection to the school whatsoever. Still, having watched the growth of their granddaughter at the school, the value of an LFA education in Julia's development struck a chord.

Moreover, as philanthropists, they also know the impact that giving has on educational institutions like Little Flower. Bob and Marilyn Westbury wanted to give a gift that would leave a legacy at the school because, according to Bob, "In essence, it was the right thing to do. Beyond just the growth of my own granddaughter, it's a gift to an educational community based on moral principle that empowers women in such a meaningful way."

The Westbury Family Endowment Fund, which will be stewarded by the Little Flower Academy Foundation, will generate interest in perpetuity. Bob and Marilyn were particularly gracious in designating their fund to support the area of greatest need at the school. It's a gift that both in its generosity and in its design reflects how their personal values align so closely with the core values of the school. We are deeply grateful for their support.

The Westbury Family Endowment Fund joins the Mills Family Endowment Fund (funding the campus ministry program) as the second named endowment that has been established by grandparents of current students in the past two years.

Directed Endowment
Whereas named endowment opportunities where the donor works with the school and Foundation to establish a Fund in support of a specific purpose, smaller gifts can go to endowment in support of existing funding needs. This year, for instance, we had generous gifts by donors in support of the field hockey program and, more generally, Fine and Performing Arts at the school.

In each instance, the principal will be invested and the interest generated will support the operating budget of the donor designation. These gifts will support LFA student experiences for generations to come. 

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