Impressive Wins at CONNECT MUN 2014!

LFA's Model UN team at CONNECT MUN 2014 enjoyed a very exciting conference. There were over 500 students at this year's conference from both private and public schools all over Vancouver. This conference was a great learning experience for all LFA students and there were many great breakthroughs in terms of increased participation and the associated growing confidence in the processes of Model UN debate.
4 awards were won by LFA
These awards were given to students on Advanced committees which are always very competitive. The following students won awards on their respective committees:

Ciara O' Leary won the "Best Delegate Award" (1st place) as USA on the UNSC. This was an impressive win as Ciara was not only the USA addressing the present ISIS crisis, but she was the only female on the 19 person committee! Way to go Ciara! Future Canadian Prime Minister perhaps?

Hannah Goodridge also won the "Best Delegate Award" as Brazil on CELAC (the Community of Latin American States). Hannah's excellent knowledge of her topics and her gracious manner made her a clear leader on the committee.

Sandy Pang, also a "Best Delegate Award " winner represented Great Britain and she revealed a very collaborative approach on the EU. Her superior oral delivery of her points and her poise revealed that she was a force to be reckoned with.

Kristina Wong won the "Outstanding Delegate Award" (2nd place) representing Norway - Denmark on the Historical Committee (30 years' War). Kristina's very thorough and accurate research enabled her to contribute some very worthwhile points on her committee.

For LFA students to win these 4 awards on the highest level committees is outstanding and such a credit to the girls themselves. Each winner dispalyed the qualities of persistence, dilplomacy, confidence and grace. By accompanying these traits with thorough research and strong writing skills, they have demonstrated and alchemy that truly works.

I look forward to future conferences with these students- be it BOSMUN, HMUNCHINA or CAHSMUN in 2015.

I would like to thank all students who participated in this conference. It is awesome to witness individual growth experiences and to see students having such an enjoyable time with each other and new acquaintances from other schools. LFA is always well represented at MUN conferences and our club has certainly established a great reputation in Vancouver and further afield.

After each and every conference LFA attends, we are thanked for our participation, asked to return to the conference and within a few weeks of many conferences, we are invited to new conferences in many different parts of North America and internationally. This reflects the good level of debate that LFA brings to conferences.

Mr. Coady and I would like to sincerely applaud those standards and the effort on the part of all students in the LFA Model UN club. You Angels are the best!


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