Fill 'er Up!

Every now and then the Annual Fund is able to provide resources for a specific project that’s been on our list of things “to do”. Invariably, this is a campus enhancement that will benefit the girls and aligns with our vision for a healthy learning environment. Thanks to a generous donation by a single donor, there will be new water bottle filling stations, replacing our old water fountains, come September.
The water stations are the evolution of the water fountain that many of us knew in school. They’ll still have the traditional water spout for the passerby, but they’ll additionally have an automatic, touchless place to fill water bottles.

There are many benefits. Foremost, the water bottle filling stations are a hygienic upgrade over filling one’s water bottle, jammed under the bathroom sink tap. Likewise, with filling demands in the short breaks between class, the stations fill the bottles quickly. With Vancouver’s water amongst the best in the world, we opted to forego the additional cost and maintenance of filtration, but the water will be cold.

The water stations also align with this year’s widespread investment in making the Little Flower Academy campus much more sustainable. Along with the campus composting and expanded recycling efforts, we anticipate the fountains reducing the waste generated by single-use bottled water.

The benefits are many and we’re really responding to the new reality that many, if not most, girls carry a water bottle with them through the day.

Donor-directed special projects like the water bottle filling stations or last year’s Film & TV program investment are great examples of how the Annual Fund continuously improves the school environment that this generation of Angels can enjoy!

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