Facility Improvements

As a school, we reflect the values in our operation that we hope to instill in our students. As we model for students, we also ambitiously target reducing waste and strive to reduce our environmental impact. With that in mind, the Annual Fund paved the way to major facility enhancements that will both improve the safety of the campus and reduce our impact on the environment.
The biggest impact your daughter may have spoken about is introduction of new recycling stations across campus. From recyclables to composting, the system required the school to invest in the recycling infrastructure. Bins to special waste-bags to new collection facilities for pick up, more than $7000 was spent introducing the program to the school. In doing so, we expect to see a vast reduction in landfill waste and a positive step towards reducing our school’s environmental footprint.

By way of safety and comfort, the school made a significant investment this year in the facility to stay current with contemporary building codes. Two major investments were made. The first is the widespread replacement of aging windows. Safety in a seismic event; warmth retention for the comfort of students; reduced energy to heat the school with efficient windows. The Annual Fund made the significant costs associated with the project possible. Second, the school upgraded the ventilation system for the older sections of the school.

On the “to do” list for several years, the fundraising efforts allowed the school to modernize the hot water system for the school. Similarly, we modernized two of our Dining Hall refrigeration units. More reliable and much more energy efficient (and, happily they’ll run more quietly too), the refrigeration and hot water system both will be significant upgrades offering efficiency and a positive environmental impact that will also realize cost savings for years to come.

The Annual Fund’s truly impacts all facets of the school’s operation.

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