Integral Student Services

Wide-ranging counselling services are firmly embedded in the life of the school and integrated into the delivery of curriculum. Though one of the first strategic priorities we tackled in this Strategic Plan, the continued resources necessary to enable such a robust student-focused program is only possible through annual giving.
The Counselling Centre is now one of the hubs of the school. We have more dedicated Counselling time than ever before and our girls benefit from several years of dedicated and strategic professional development in both academic and personal counselling. We continue to make investment in the software, databases and online subscriptions that help our students explore university program options and applications. Mrs. McGuinty has even introduced and trained her dog as a therapy dog to the equation, much to the delight of the students.

Because of the capabilities of our student body, our students ever increasingly explore university options for courses and programs that lie beyond the Lower Mainland. Over the past few years, our graduating students have sent applications worldwide and have been accepted at universities in Canada, the US, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Ireland, China, and Singapore.

Demands on our counselling services continue to increase year over year. Our commitment to counselling staff, professional development, the most up-to-date resources and having a dedicated Counselling Centre as a safe place for students is only possible because of the generous support of the community. In the end, our Counselling team is committed to this investment in infrastructure to be, “a place to build resiliency and learn strategies to help overcome barriers to success, whether academic or personal.”

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